Bring Sari To You

I love to travel and meet new people.  So I take my experiences and knowledge and hit the road to speak to and train groups around the country and even internationally. I have had incredible opportunities to speak to groups ranging in size from the 5-500. Next I hope to meet and share with your community.

Some of my previous Speaking topics have included:

Parenting Students with Learning Differences

Peaks and Valleys of Growing Up Different

    (about my own experiences with Learning Disabilities)

Teaching Using Different Modalities

Teaching the child and understanding beyond the label

Stop the yelling, ways to communicate with teens

I don’t remember learning this in school, how am I help my child

Previous Classes and Training topics have included:

Building a Study Skills Toolbox and packing it with organization, time management, planning, test taking and writing skills too

Teaching how to build a Study Skills Toolbox

Teaching students with Learning Differences: practical skills for the classroom

Don’t see the topic you where hoping for?

Call and ask me to create it for you.

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